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As an active member of the Pine Township Volunteer Fire Company, all of your fire related training would be paid for by the company.  You would be issued turn out gear & necessary personal protective equipment for fire fighting & rescue operations.  You would become part of a proud fire fighting tradition of brother/sisterhoon and helping to preserve life & property with in the township & surrounding areas.  Being a volunteer firefighter takes a lot of dedication but also provides a great deal of satisfaction knowing you are helping to protect your friends, family & neighbors.  Active Senior Members must be 18 years of age or older.  


Active Senior Membership (18+)

As a social member of the Pine Township Volunteer Fire Company, you would not be required to answer emergency calls or attend training.  Social members help out with fund raising events such as bingo, food sales & gun bashes.  Often if the active members are out on a lengthy alarm, often times the social members will respond to the station to have food and drinks ready when the firefighters return to the hall. Cold, tired firefighters appreciate few things as much as warm meal after a long, tiring call.  And like the active members, you will be part of that proud tradition of brotherhood & sisterhood.  Social Members can be any age. 

Social Membership

As a junior member of the Pine Township Volunteer Fire Company, young men & women can begin limited training to eventually become a full Active Member.  Junior members are 14-17 years of age.  To be considered for membership, the minor must obtain working papers (available at the high school office) and have permission from their parent/guardian.  While the training junior members are able to participate in is somewhat limited due to child labor laws, they are still considered full members of the department. 


Junior Membership (14-17)

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