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The Pine Township Volunteer Fire Company is a very small, all volunteer rural fire company located in Indiana County, Pennsylvania near the Cambria County border.  We serve all of Pine Township, including Alverda, Mentcle, Brownstow, Heilwood & Strongstown.  We also provide mutual aid service to the surrounding areas including Clymer & Cherryhill Township. 

As volunteer fire companies go, our company is relatively young.  It was founded in 1967 when a group of insightful men realized there was a need for emergency services to be provided to this once booming mining town.  Thanks to them, our community has the group of dedicated volunteers it has today. 

Our township covers approximately 16 square miles and protects a population of approximately 2,140 residents. 
In addition to housing the fire equipment & holding our own weekly bingo as our primary fund raiser, our building is also used by ICAAP to distribute food to those in need. 

We currently have a fleet of 4 trucks, our primary Engine (E572)is a 2006 Pierce Sabre with a 1,250 GPM waterous pump and carries 1,800 gallons of water. 

Our secondary Engine (E571) is a 1984 Pierce Dash with a 1,000 GPM waterous pump and carries 750 gallons of water and is a support vehicle for all types of calls.

Our Rescue Truck (E/R573) is a 1985 FMC Kenworth.  It is equipped with our Genesis rescue tools along with a wide assortment of various rescue hand and power tools.  Despite being outfitted as a rescue, it also has engine capabilites with a 1,500 GPM John Beam pump and carries 1,000 gallons of water. 

Lastly, our Brush Truck (B574) is a 1995 Chevrolet 2500 pick up truck.  It is used primarily as a manpower carrying unit but also carries 250 gallons of water  in a skid unit along with brush firefighting tools.   

Our members also provide crash/rescue services at Dog Hollow Speedway every Friday night with Brush Truck 574 & Engine/Rescue 573.  The speedway is just a few miles from the station on Hamill Road, just off of Rt. 403.

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